Kyla E Druckman


  • "Crazy Town" Trailer

    Trailer for The Award Nominated Short Film Crazy Town, dir. Jules Dameron
  • "Horns"

    Scene from the Short Film Horns, dir. Mattson Tomlin
  • "Angel of Death"

    Scene From the Short film Angel of Death, dir. JohnMark Tripplett
  • "Crazy Town" Full Film

    Award-Nominated Short honored by PBS, dir. Jules Dameron, starring Sean Young and Kyla E Druckman
  • "New Couple"

    You know when you can't keep your hands off your new girlfriend? This is that couple. Dir. Ed Rivero
  • "Carrot Top"

    A scene from the MTV-style dating show, asking who will Carrot Top love? dir. Lawrence Anthony
  • "The Audition"

    A Short Film Chronicling One Day in the Life of a Casting Director, dir. Lawrence Anthony