Kyla E Druckman

Kyla E Druckman Bio

Kyla E Druckman started her career as a child actor in theaters throughout Phoenix, AZ winning the Arizoni Award for Best Actress in a Youth Production three years in a row. After directing an award-nominated musical her senior year in high school, her original children’s play, The Battle of Little Big Red, premiered at the Fountain Hills Community theater and was nominated as best original children's play in 2009. She briefly matriculated at Barrett Honors College in Arizona State University, before studying film in Spain, and finally graduating with Honors at New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts. Kyla has acted in film and television, appearing on Spike TV and Starz in addition to commercials for AT&T and Specsavers. In 2011, she founded Toad in the Hole Productions LLC, a production company specializing in off-beat independent films. Her original short film, Crazy Town, which she co-starred with Sean Young and Michael Monks, has been honored by the Other Venice Film Festival, La Femme Film Fest, and on PBS. She is a member of the National Association of Professional Women and currently operates the company with her production partner Damien Hedgecoth developing original work in Los Angeles and Arizona.

Awards and Nominations:

  • 2014 Mock Film Fest Nomination for Best Actress
  • 2014 Mock Film Fest Nomination for Best Writer
  • 2009 Arizoni Nomination for Best Original Children’s Play
  • 2005 Arizoni Award for Best Actress in a Children's Play
  • 2005 Arizoni Nomination for Best Director in a Children’s Play
  • 2004 Arizoni Award for Best Supporting Actress in a Children's Musical
  • 2003 Arizoni Award for Best Supporting Actress in a Children's Musical
  • 2003 Arizoni Award for Best Sound Design in a Children's Play 


"Kyla did a real nice job doing [the scene] so you know, look for her, she's an up and comer." 

Sean Young played opposite Kyla in Crazy Town Feb 2013


"I cast Kyla in my film "An Old Hope" and worked with her a number of times prior to that. As an actress Kyla stands out from the rest, with an incredible passion and a kinetic energy that flows from her artwork. As a director it is desirable to have your actors in the moment, reacting to stimuli as if they were themselves the very characters they portray. With that in mind, have seen Kyla transform to the point to where Kyla was no longer discernible and a new person had erupted forth.” 

Dan Gvozden, NYU Tisch Alumni, hired Kyla as a Actress in Oct 2009